Best BOSTITCH Framing Nailer – My Review of the F21PL

The BOSTITCH F21PL framing nailer is one of the best-selling nailing guns on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why. It’s light in weight, powerful and surprisingly easy to use. With 1,050in/lb driving power, the F21PL is the best BOSTITCH framing nailer on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at this nailer’s features and my experience with the F21PL.

Features and Specifications

Best BOSTITCH Framing Nailer F21PL

  • Powerful: 1,050in/lbs driving power.
  • Trigger: Sequential and bump.
  • Versatile: Compatible with 1.5” to 3.5” nails; two nosepieces to work with metal connector or framing applications.
  • Ergonomic: Lightweight (8.1 pounds) with a rubber grip and rubber skid pads.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 6 Inches.
  • Angle: 21 Degree.
  • Magazine Capacity: 60 Nails.
  • Type: Pneumatic.
  • Powered: Air.
  • Operating Pressure: 80 to 120 PSI.
  • Warranty: 7-year limited warranty.

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Is This the Best Bostitch Framing Nailer?

The BOSTITCH F21PL is easily one of the best framing nailers I’ve used from this brand. It comes packed with some great features and plenty of power. This nailer took on any job I threw at it.

With 1,050in/lbs of driving power, it easily drove nails through engineered lumber. The BOSTITCH F21PL is a pneumatic nailer, so you’ll need an air compressor to use it. I used a 150 psi pancake compressor and had no issues using this nailer.

Nail Diversity and Capacity

Its magazine holds up to 60 plastic collated nails or metal connector nails, which you’ll probably go through pretty quickly. I liked that I could use full round head nails with this gun and that I had the option of choosing nails between 2” and 3.5.” Just like most other framing nailers on the market, the F21PL uses 21-degree nails, but you can choose between plastic collated and metal connectors.

Reliable and Lightweight

When using the F21PL, the gun never jammed or misfired. I used the layout indicator, which is located right on the magazine, to ensure that there was enough distance between each nail. When it was time to take a break, I just hung the nailer using the adjustable rafter hook. It’s simple, lightweight (just 8.1 pounds), easy to use and powerful.

Two Nailers in One

When you purchase the F21PL, you’re really getting two nailers in one. The gun comes with two nose pieces, which are easy to change and allows the gun to be used for either framing or metal connector applications.


Of course, you can’t talk about the F21PL without discussing its ergonomic design. This nailer features a magnesium housing, which helps make the gun lightweight. The rubber grip and the skid pads prevent slippage when using the gun, adding to the safety of the nailer.

The Cons

  • Trigger. I felt that the trigger on the nailing gun was a bit fickle. Even with a bounce trigger installed, it wouldn’t fire unless the nose was depressed at the appropriate angle.This is something that other users have experienced too, so it’s something to be aware of.
  • Nail Usage. The F21PL can also be a bit picky about the nails used. Thicker nails tend to work better, which was a bit inconvenient for me but not a deal breaker.

Final Verdict

Aside from these two minor faults, this is the best BOSTITCH framing nailer for both home and professional projects. No matter whether you’re a home handyman or a general contractor, the F21PL will get the job done and do so without repeatedly misfiring or jamming. Backed by a 7-year limited warranty, this is a must-have framing nailer.

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