A List of the Different Types of Nail Guns

Different Types of Nail GunsOne of the greatest inventions of modern times has to be the air powered and gas powered nail guns. Being versatile and durable right from the beginning, it didn’t take long for them to spread across the globe. Saving man power meant saving money and time. I want to convey a little information about the different types of nail guns and their various applications.

The Different Types of Nail Guns

Below is a list of the various types of nail guns that are commonly used these days. Most of these guns are used in various types of construction or DIY works.

Framing Nailer

The framing nailer seems to be the obvious tool to begin with. The power that this gun delivers nail after nail and day after day is nothing short of amazing. The framing nailer will shoot a 3” or a 2 ¼” nail into hard pines, (southern yellow pine) spruce, fur, and even hard woods. This is a rough framing gun designed to build the frame structure of a building but it will also shoot galvanized nails that are made for exterior decks and will be exposed to weather and the view of the customer.

Roofing Nailer

The name of this gun surely speaks for itself, however there may be a few items we can discuss. Unlike the framing nailer which takes a straight clip of nails, the roofing gun usually requires a coil pack of nails. These are roofing nails with a much larger head shape. The larger head shape is needed in order to hold down the soft fiberglass shingles. A smaller head would pull through. These guns have a dial setting so that you can control the depth of the nail as not to drive it in too far and cut the shingle.

Flooring Nailer

In the very beginning of flooring you spent hours on your knees toe nailing your flooring in place. The first floor nailer that came out was held in place with one hand while you took a heavy mallet and drove down on the plunger with the other hand. This was far better and faster than toe nailing however, there was still room for improvement. The new air gun works in a very similar manner but with the assistance of air power, you don’t need as much force and over time the attrition rate is far less.

Finish Nailer

Finish nailing is simply put, trim nailing. Trim work must be very clean in the cuts and installation. The finish gun makes it very easy to nail both oak and pine. A wide selection of nail sizes and a power dial make trim work much neater and faster.

Brad Nailer

This gun can often be confused by the novice as a finish gun. The brad gun is usually straight whereas the finish gun has an angle clip of nails. The brad nails have a bigger head and the shank is a hair thicker. Brad guns are great for shop projects and cabinets.


There is no denying that construction work is some of the hardest work on the planet. Each culture has had its own style and own history over time but with all these beautiful landmarks of historical value came the blood and sweat of many generations. Technology came to construction slowly with one small invention at a time. From the use of copper chisels to the sugar cane saw being adapted to cut lumber, little advances gradually transformed construction.

As you can see, there are several different types of nail guns available in the market now. At the end of the day, any carpenter will tell you that almost all nail guns can come in handy a time or two. This is especially true for large projects like building a house. Besides a couple of extra toys in your arsenal never hurts anything!

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